Free? collection and delivery

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We are always dubious about the word “free”. It’s rare to find something that is truly is “free”

Usually it’s packaged into something else and is of more benefit to the other party than you.

Is our “free collection and delivery service” any different? No. It’s as much for our benefit as it is for yours. Here is why we offer it.

The most important commodity we have is our highly skilled technicians time. I need all the cars booked in for that day to arrive on time to ensure the workshop can get the car ready in time to fit the clients requirements.

This sometimes doesn’t happen, all kinds of things get in the way. Bad traffic, kids were not well and I had to drop them at my Mums rather than school, panic at work and I had to go to the office…etc.etc. all things that are difficult to control for both the client and for us. Many times client arrive late or not at all because things get in the way.

By adding a collection and delivery service into  the process we can help structure when and where we collect and plan accordingly whilst making a minimum impact on the clients day and allowing us to maintain workshop efficiency.

Here is a scenario that used to happen daily:-

Car booked in for 8:30am for a while you wait service, client arrives at 9:15am due to bad traffic but needs the car finished so they can get to a meeting at 11:00am. We have a tight time limit (less than 2 hours) to complete the task and the knock on effect on the rest of the scheduled day causes nothing but headaches.

Here is the scenario using the collection and delivery service.

Client goes  into the office arriving late because of the traffic. Leaves their keys with reception at 9:15am. We collect at 10:00am and return back at 5pm with the car serviced, cleaned and back in it’s parking space.. We have a 7 hour window to repair the vehicle with a minimum impact on the clients day.

Is it free? No it’s a cost to us. Is it worth it for us to keep the workshop efficient? Absolutely!

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