Frontline workers discount.

We are supporting the people in Manchester who are working on the front line to combat this pandemic by helping them stay mobile. This offer applies to company as well as privately owned vehicles.

From  23rd of March 2020 we are cutting our normal labour rates in half and splitting the discount we get on parts with you if you’re in the front line.(Please note : this offer supersedes any other current offers we have on and cannot be used in conjunction with them)

It will mean an  overall reduction of about 40% on what we would normally charge.

Here’s how it will work:

  • Go to the website and book the job in.
  • We will quote you the full price.
  • You provide us with a photo ID showing you work for one of the included organisations.
  • We send you back a new quote with the discount applied.
  • We collect and deliver the vehicle, free of charge, from home or work between 6am and 6pm Monday to Friday.
  • We will disinfect your vehicle and keys before we return it to you.

Here’s who is included:

  • NHS employees.
  • Members of the police force and their ancillary staff.
  • Members of the ambulance service and their ancillary staff.
  • Members of the Fire service and their ancillary staff.
  • All members of the Armed forces.
  • Anyone involved in the food supply chain.
  • Anyone involved in utilities supply.
  • Anyone involved in public transport.
  • Bank counter staff.
  • Pharmacy staff.
  • Teachers and support staff
  • Chidcare workers

I am happy to discuss any service you feel we may have missed, just email me at and if it’s valid I’ll add it to the offer. Thanks to the emails that added bank counter staff, teachers, childcare and pharmacy staff to the offer please keep them coming.